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Your film needs a good festival strategy

Festival Content represents you at the international film festival circuit, facilitating the entry of your film. With connections developed over years of relationships and deep understanding of the Film Festival circuit, we are the best placed to represent your film. We  formulate the Festival strategy and find distributors, buyers, OTT platforms, and create  the entire digital ecosystem for the film. 


And a great marketing strategy

The Festival Content conceptualises the social and digital media campaigns including visual identity, marketing content, collateral content all connected to a support system required by your film to ensure visibility and prominence in global markets. We have done such campaigns for major Hollywood, European companies and International film festivals.


By creating the need for your film

The Festival Content profiles and projects not only your film but also yourself at the international level in the film and awards circuit. We ensure that the film is placed in the right Festivals and  Expositions, reaches and connects with the right audience not only  in the festival circuit but in the digital space as well.


And ensuring the visibility at global level

The Festival Content liaises with Film Critics, Publication houses and Bloggers on your behalf sharing the film material and encouraging them to discuss your film and yourself as a filmmaker. In addition, we advise you to design and devise the entire publicity & PR campaign for the film.  

Festival Content

With the advent of  hundreds of film festivals and the number of films being produced shooting up to several thousands globally, the Festivals need good content and the films need Festivals, other platforms and revenue options.


The Festival Content  is initiated to work as a bridge between the two and connect content with these funding, distribution and exhibition platforms.  


This is a service to help, guide and  mentor the film makers by offering to create the entire ecosystem of film festival facilitation.

What stages do we help you.


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